Astrolabe by Habermel (C. 1600) - reconstruction

Brass, Diameter 210 mm , weight ca. 1700 g. The prototype was made by Erasmus Habermel in Prague about 1600. 12-angular shape. Rete with 30 star-pointers. 3 plates for lat. 39°, 42°, 45°, 48°, 51° and 54°, with 2°-almucantars and 5°-azimuths, temporal hours and celestial houses. Back: 2°-azarchel-grid with 14 star-positions, horizon and break-pointer. Reconstruction end of 20th century by Martin Brunold, Switzerland. Object is for sale for  2900 Euros

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30 star positions 

Break pointer

14 star positions



Very high Quality

Habermel Astrolabe.pdf
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