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In the past few years I have built up a collection of old books and technical instruments from the 15th to 18th Century.  It's now time to sell my collection.

Scintific instruments are now for sale by this web site during 2015.

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Old Scientific Instruments from 15th to 18th Century

Dividers, Drawing Instruments, Surveying Instruments and others.

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Old scientific Books from 15th to 19th Century

Practical Geometry, Surveying, Tables

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Sea Astrolabe 1555, 20th century copy 

20th century copy of a Brass Mariner's Astrolabe, 1555, Portugal. Heavy copy in brass, 16 cm diameter and thickness of 1.2 cm. AAndrew Smyton, 1612, inscription on the backside.

Scale 0 to 90

The Dundee Astrolabe is an amazing object. It is important because it is the oldest known astrolabe of its type in the world which makes it internationally significant. It is a rare survivor.

An astrolabe is a navigational instrument that allowed sailors to measure the angle of the sun or a star above the horizon.

This astrolabe was made in 1555 by Lopo Honem, a Portuguese instrument maker. During the 1600s it came into the possession of Andrew Smyton who was a Dundee ship owner engaged in the salt trade with France.

Theodolith W&S Jones, late 18th century

A large late 18th-Century English lacquered-brass theodolite signed W. & S. JONES, 30 Holborn LONDON, the 32.5 cm long telescope with undermounted bubble level, rack and pinion adjustment to the objective and sliding focusing to the eyepiece with sliding dust-cover, mounted over the vertical half-circle, one side with a 30°-0-30° Diff. of Hypo & Base scale, the other with silvered 90°-0-90° scale and vernier with magnifier, raised on two A-frame suports with finescrew adjustment over the 16 cm diameter horizontal circle with bubble level, glazed compass with engraved windrose, engraved circumference scales 1-360° and in four quadrants, edgebar needle and clamp, raised on a threaded four-screw tripod mounting with finescrew adjustment and clamp. 28 cm high

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Theodolith W&S Jones
Theodolith W&S Jones

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Ricardo Auctions

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