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My collection of scientific objects


In the past few years I have built up a collection of old books and technical instruments from the 15th to 18th Century.  It's now time to sell my collection.

All objects are for sale

Old Scientific Instruments from 15th to 18th Century

Dividers, Drawing Instruments, Surveying Instruments and others.

Sold objects are listed here

Old scientific Books from 15th to 19th Century

Practical Geometry, Surveying, Tables

Complete book collection is sold

A selection of objects

New objects for sale

Alidade by Bartenschlager, Schaffhausen, mid 18th c

Graphometer 17th century

Scale by Ertel

Currently in auction

Ricardo Auctions
Ricardo Auctions

Iron divider, 18th century with very nice decoration, New silver divider by Kern, Aarau see for details