Sold Scientific Instruments

Sold objects from my collection are visible in Google Photos.

A fine 17th century Michael Butterfield Paris silver sundial

17th century and later parts of a mathematical Universal Instrument, the Pantocosme


A late 18th century silver Necessaire

A huge c. 1840 French brass Sector

A Georg Brander Augsburg reflecting Telescope, ca. 1750

A Brander & Höschel Augsburg brass plane table Alidade, after 1775

A c. 1750 Georg Sterrop London , reflecting Telescope

Early 17th french sector

Geometry manuscript, flemish, 1784

LeMaire, silver drwaing instrument set, 1750

Indo-Persian (?) brass Astrolabe with five changeable brass discs and fine engravings. Diameter c. 15,2 cm, height c.19 cm, made after 1900

Huge Brass Divider

Huge Brass Divider


Arc missing, length 44.5 cm.